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  • Sticks to the Front Line in the Festival and Highlights the Beauty of Construction Labor

      During the "Labor Day" period, the front-line staff of Hubei Construction Industry Group Co., Ltd. stuck to their posts and made contributions to the project. They are full of energy, race against the time and strive to produce value. With sweat and smile, they interpret the true connotation of "102" Iron Army spirit, and write the most glorious, sublime, great and beautiful chapter of labor in ordinary posts.       EPC project of Songzi Homecoming Pioneer Park   The EPC project of Songzi homecoming Pioneer Park is a key project of Songzi City attracting investment. In order to ensure the delivery of the project in May, more than 200 workers at the site are under intensely construction. The project is in the finishing stage, Firefighting facilities are being finished, green construction and asphalt pavement are being carried out on site.       Wang Yunpeng, a construction worker, said: "We have been building this water and electricity installation for more than four years. In order to deliver the construction site on time, we have also given up the holiday of Labor Day and work over time in order to guarantee the completion of this project.”       It is said that Hubei Industrial Construction Group won the bid for the EPC project of Songzi returning home Pioneer Park on June 17, 2019. Up to now, it has taken less than two years to complete the project cost of about 600 million yuan, with a construction area of 146000 ㎡+ 3km road project. From the project survey, design, construction to the end of the project, it is these managers and construction workers who silently pay and stick to the results.       Zhu Zhewen, Secretary of the EPC project party branch of Songzi returning home Pioneer Park, said: "now the weather is getting hotter and hotter, the daytime is long during the day, and the workers are very hard. While we are scrambling for production, we also have provided the front-line workers with drinking water and heatstroke prevention drugs. In order to ensure the construction period, safety and quality, and successfully complete the project. Although it is Labor Day, the workers continue to work hard and stick to their posts. "       Qingshan Xinji housing project       During the May 1st, the construction of 9 × 11 × 12 × 13 × 15 × 16 × 17 × 17 × main building foundation raft reinforcement binding, cushion waterproof construction, well collecting well brick membrane masonry, etc.           Dangyang District of Infrastructure Division       Shuangpeng Industrial Park infrastructure (phase II) construction project department has entered a new stage of large-scale construction. On May 1, the construction site of the project was a busy scene. The builders worked nervously and orderly under the high temperature of more than 30 degrees. In their own posts, they explained the beauty of work with hard sweaty.       "People of this occupation don't have the concept of holidays. I think it's very meaningful for us to work with our workers on the front line of the project during the May Day holiday and complete the project construction with high quality on schedule under the premise of ensuring safety, quality and epidemic prevention." Xu Bing, chief engineer of the project, said.       At present, Shuanglian project is in the process of subgrade filling construction, which is the supporting and basic engineering of the project. The project department set off an upsurge of rapid construction, reversed the schedule, opened up multiple working surfaces for construction, vigorously promoted the construction progress, and ensured the steady progress of the project.       Jijiahu protection and comprehensive treatment project during the May Day period to seize the sunny weather to promote construction, the owner unit affirmed the project department's close work arrangement and progress in May.       During the "May 1st" period, the Sturgeon Bay project department led the construction team to complete the binding of the bottom slab reinforcement of the basement of the 6th floor, and carried out item by item inspection on the reinforcement size, column axis and protective layer, and finally passed the acceptance, meeting the pouring conditions.       With the completion of the pouring of the basement floor of building 6, all the basement floors of the first construction section of Sturgeon Bay project have been completed. In addition, with the concerted efforts of all the staff of the project department, the No.4 super dangerous large high formwork has passed the expert acceptance, which means that the No. 4 building is about to be capped, and the project progress has made phased progress.       Chutai leasing company   During the May Day holiday, all the installation, demolition and maintenance personnel of chutai leasing company struggle in the front line of the project and stick to the front line of the post. Many projects such as Wuhan COFCO and Qingshan HuanJian house are carried out at the same time. Facing the actual working conditions of tight time, heavy tasks, quality control and safety assurance, the installation, demolition and maintenance personnel should not only do a good job in foundation embedding, rectification and wall installation, It also needs a long time to work at height, climb up and down the tower, check every bolt, remove every rust, face the test of high temperature and physical strength, never say hard, never complain, which has laid a solid guarantee for the safety production of the project. On the construction site, on the tower crane, their busy back interprets the beauty of labor.       Luohe West Chen shiplock project   During the May Day period, the project of Chen shiplock in the west of Luohe River undertaken by the waterway company insisted on construction. Up to now, 33531.98m of concrete has been poured in the main body of Luohe West Chen shiplock ³, Earth excavation 1479302.50 M ³, Accounting for 86.46% of the total amount of work, earth backfill 159780.00 M ³, Accounting for 59.37% of the total quantities, 1524.76t of steel bar binding was completed, accounting for 96.56% of the total quantities. 1897m bored piles, accounting for 62.23% of the total quantities, 351531.4kg steel bars and 40 hollow beams and slabs were completed for the bridge. 820m grid stem pouring and 8442 M2 bag concrete pouring are completed for upstream and downstream slope protection.               Yingshan County ordinary highway construction and maintenance integration project   The S219 Honghua taojia river section reconstruction project in Yingshan County starts and ends at the southwest of Honghua village, Caopandi Town, Yingshan County, connecting with provincial highway S222, with a total length of 15.234 km, including 9 km of old road reconstruction (Baijiahei) and 6.234 km of new road.           All members of the project department work together, organize carefully and arrange reasonably. During the "May 1st" period, they never forget their work, stick to their posts, and complete the water stable paving work in the key and difficult sections of the stone road, which provides a guarantee for the S219 Hongtao line to be open to traffic according to the node target.               Jishui High Speed Rail Town Project   Jiangxi Jishui Project Department of waterway company focuses on the key point of "on schedule", adheres to problem-oriented and breaks through one by one. Through formulating effective measures for catching up work, flexible deployment of personnel and machinery, and advancing the project with quality and schedule, the project will be ensured to win the "hard war".               At present, the West Road of the planned Branch Road and the unit project of the square in front of the station have passed the completion acceptance successfully. The five municipal roads to the east of the remaining planning branch have completed all underground pipe network and water stable grass-roots construction, and the rest of the park road pavement and sculpture construction have been completed in the public leisure park. It is believed that the remaining works of the project will be completed successfully with the joint efforts of all project department personnel.       Shandong Rizhao Xuri project   The pressure test of gas pipeline in the plant area was successful at 8 pm on April 29, and the boiler ignition was successful at 5 pm on April 30. With the joint efforts of all the staff of the project, the installation company ushered in one victory after another on the eve of the labor day of Rizhao Xuri project, and continuously completed several important nodes, which provided a solid foundation for the grid connected power generation of the last 4 units.       Since April, the project department has organized professional leaders to hold special construction progress meetings for unit 4 for many times to analyze and reverse the nodes and implement the sub items. Aiming at the problems existing in personnel, machines and tools, materials, equipment, machinery and coordination of other units in boiler water pressure, acid pickling, ignition and gas pipeline pressurization work, this paper sorts out and discusses the solutions, and forms work task division table for real-time tracking. Especially for the working face with more remaining tail items, the working face with greater influence from other units, and the working face with construction conflict between different specialties, the discussion and coordination shall be focused. The project department shall timely prepare scientific, safe and feasible special construction scheme for boiler water pressure test and gas pipeline pressurization, and timely rectify the problems and defects found without hidden dangers. All managers of the project department carry forward the Iron Army spirit, "five plus two" and "white plus black" to ensure the smooth completion of the task.       Guangxi Shenglong gas power station project   At 21:36 on April 30, the boiler ignition of the 6 # gas power station project of Shenglong metallurgical Co., Ltd. in Guangxi was successful once. During the boiler ignition process, the project department shall cooperate with each discipline, cooperate closely, and each department shall strictly implement all safety control measures. With the command of the General Commander of the trial operation, the operator performs the ignition operation, and the red flame is displayed on the monitoring panel of the central control room, marking the success of the boiler ignition for the first time in 6 # gas power station, which has taken a solid step for the unit to be put into operation in May.           Huangshi dayehu high tech Zone Project       During the "May Day" period, the management personnel of the project department in the northwest area of Daye lake high tech Zone of Huangshi, an international engineering company, stuck to their duties in the scorching sun and celebrated the labor festival with pragmatism. The project, which started construction in 2020, is the largest under construction project of the international company, with a total investment of 5.6 billion yuan.       Xiangyang Gucheng project       The infrastructure construction road 1 and industrial No. 2 road project of Gucheng chemical park are undertaken by Hubei Industrial Construction Infrastructure Construction Co., Ltd. and are located in the chemical park of Gucheng economic development zone“ During the May 1st "period, the project department is striving to carry out construction in sunny weather. At present, the first road has completed about 24000 square meters of road excavation, 18000 square meters of transportation from the rest of the country, 63000 square meters of road filling, 140m of pipeline installation; The excavation of Industrial Road 2 is about 5700 square meters, the remaining is transported out of the country by 2700 square meters, and the road filling is about 5700 square meters.                                     Yichang liantou Jiuxi Taicheng project       The residential project of liantou jiuxitai East District, located in Songlin Road, Wujiagang District, Yichang City, Hubei Province, is undertaken by the three companies, with a total cost of 259.6562 million yuan. There are 30 single buildings and 23 residential buildings, of which 5 are prefabricated buildings, the assembly rate is 50.8%, and the house type standardization is more than or equal to 70%.           During the "May Day" period, more than 80 labor workers and all project management personnel of the project department stuck to their posts and pushed forward the project construction at full speed, turning the "Tourism Golden Week" into "construction Golden Week". At present, 60% of the permanent and temporary combined roads of the project have been completed, the hole forming and acceptance of the manual hole digging pier of G2 building in area a have been completed, 60% of the brick membrane of G3 building have been completed, and the edge protection of foundation pit has been completed 100%; In area B, 80% of the brick membrane of y6 / 7 / 8 Building and the reinforcement of tower crane foundation of Y8 building have been completed, and the foundation pit support engineering between area B and area C has also started.       Domestic waste terminal treatment project in Zaoyang City   During the May Day period, the Civil Engineering Project Department of Zaoyang municipal domestic waste terminal treatment project contracted by the three companies held a quality and safety coordinati   on meeting according to the construction progress. For the reinforcement and formwork sub project; Self check of construction quality, acceptance of concealment before concrete pouring, slump test on site and making test block are carried out; The 4.17M columns, walls, beams and slabs in the garbage pool, discharge hall and office area shall be cured.           Project of Zishanhu people's Hospital in Xianning City   The project of Zishanhu people's Hospital (phase I) in Xianning City undertaken by the three companies stepped up the reinforcement bundling of the basement and the construction of the main building during the May Day period, and the engineering vehicles shuttled back and forth, showing a busy scene.       At present, the basement structure construction has been completed on schedule. The formwork installation of the first floor of the main structure in zone 1 has been completed by 60%, the steel bar binding of the first floor in zone 2 has been completed by 40%, and the steel bar binding of the first floor in zone 3 has been completed by 80%. The superstructure construction is about to start. The project is located in the east of the middle section of Binhu avenue of Zishanhu new town in Xianning City. It is invested and constructed by Hubei Zishanhu Ecological New Town Investment Co., Ltd. the total construction area of phase I is 41234.23 square meters, and the total contract price is 143 million yuan.   

  • A Project of HICC Won A Luban Award

      On February 25, the China Construction Industry Association announced the list of the first batch of China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (National Prime-quality Projects) in 2020 ~ 2021.   The relocation project of No.4 High School of Xiangyang built by Hubei Industrial Construction Group Co., Ltd.(HICC), was awarded the Luban Prize for China Construction Engineering. Hubei Construction Third Company and Installation Company won the award as the participating units.   No.4 High School of Xiangyang is a provincial model school, one of the top 100 schools in China, known as the bright pearl of the ancient city of Xiangyang. The new campus of Xiangyang No. 4 High School is located in Panggong New District with the planning and design concept of “JingChu Elegance, Yunshui Campus”. With a total investment of 869 million yuan, 19 single buildings and a total construction area of 126,000 square meters, the completion of the school is of great significance for improving the basic education level of Xiangyang City and meeting the people’s demand for high-quality education resources.   Since the project started construction, it successively won the national “Ankang Cup” Winning Team Award, “the Worker Pioneer" of Hubei Province, “Pioneer" workers in Wuhan city, Construction Engineering Safety Civilized Construction Site of Hubei Province, “Youth Civilization" of Xiangyang city, “Top 10 Project” in Wuhan Construction Industry in terms of labor real-name system management, “Top 10 Innovative Project” in Wuhan Architecture and Survey and Design industry, the QC results in Hubei province, the provincial Construction Method and a series of honorary titles, the relevant individuals also won a number of honors.   The project won the highest honor of construction quality project in China, which is the result of the care and support of governments at all levels and all sectors of society, as well as the result of all the project builders overcoming difficulties. Hereby, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and high respect to all the people from all walks of life who care, support and help Hubei Construction.       

  • HICC Held a ‘CLOUD’ Chinese New Year Party for Overseas Projects

      The most important traditional festival of China-the Spring Festival is approaching. At overseas construction sites, there is a group of HICC staff that we cared about still hard working. On the afternoon of February 5th, HICC held a ‘Cloud’ Chinese New Year party, sent new year greetings to the overseas colleagues.               At the party, Hu Dan, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of HICC, sent cordial greetings and best wishes to the front-line cadres and employees in Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Mongolia, Iraq, Pakistan and other countries through video.Then Overseas branch venues gathered on the “cloud” side, wish the people of the motherland Happy New Year.               In the video, the overseas project responsible comrades of HICC international company, HIETC, HICC Installation Company, Tianhua Company and HICC Steel Structure company introduced the project construction progress, epidemic prevention and control measures, and living supplies reserves, etc. They assured that they will fulfill the mission and resolutely complete all tasks.       Hu Dan said: “At the critical moment of the domestic epidemic, employees stationed abroad concerned about the company and overcame difficulties to raise epidemic prevention materials for the country. With the spread of the epidemic, you people in foreign countries made the HICC group nervous. You have conveyed China’s power and displayed the image of HICC with practical actions. Behind the dedication comes sacrifice. That you left your family and dedicated to the development of HICC overseas business let us feel grateful; That your care for the family and worries for your relatives let us empathized. The situation of overseas epidemic prevention and control is very severe, HICC will definitely stand with you and ensure the safety and health of every overseas employee. Please rest assured.       HICC overseas committee, comrades in charge of foreign related companies also participated in this New Year party.   


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